Sunday, April 08, 2007

Latest Bev Harris bashing at DU exposed for what it is

There is a great battle going on right now between "David" and "Goliath." Both "David" and "Goliath" appear on the surface to be "election activists" - people fighting for our right to vote, AND have our votes counted properly.

However, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing...

In this battle, "David" represents those people who specifically believe that Direct-recording electronic machines (DREs), such as touchscreens, should be outlawed, because they cannot be trusted. Recent demonstrations by Harri Hursti, and folks at Princeton University, have confirmed this. Countless hours of research and education-efforts by people such as Bev Harris of and Brad Friedman of "Bradblog" leave no doubt that DREs continue to represent a clear and present danger to true democracy in our nation.

"Goliath" also gives the impression that they believe in fair elections - but these people all have two things in common that leave no doubt they are not interested in the same goals as "David" .....

1. They all libel Bev Harris, and anyone who supports her.

and more importantly

2. They all support DREs, as proven by their support for current legislation (the Holt bill) that would legitimize DREs under a phony cloak of "it calls for paper!"

DREs cannot be trusted, whether or not they spit out a paper record of how someone voted, because audit requirements would seldom if ever be invoked.

Currently, "Goliath" folks are bashing away in this thread at DU, which supposedly proves that Bev Harris did not donate around $68,000 that she received from a Qui Tam settlement against Diebold.

There's only one small problem...with Troubleinwinter's declaration:

The donation that Bev Harris made was to a separate litigation fund, and that is why it is not shown on the 990. That same litigation fund donated $10,000 to a Diebold whistleblower, Stephen Heller, not-so-long ago - Steve has publicly thanked Bev Harris for that donation, and for all her efforts and help while he was being victimized by first Diebold, and later the "Goliath" folks - FOLKS LIKE DAVID ALLEN, WHO DID NOT DONATE EVEN A PENNY TO STEPHEN HELLER.

Let's repeat that... donated $10,000 towards Steve Heller's legal problems with Diebold.
David Allen did not donate anything. Not even a penny.

And a closer examination of the 2005 Form 990, available at Guidestar, reveals that Heller's donation is not mentioned...and the reason for that is the same reason as why Bev's donation does not appear - it is from a separate litigation fund.

Bev Harris is the founder and Executive Director of, a non-profit. Donations from Bev to her organization cannot be treated the same as donations from someone like me, who has donated hundreds of dollars over the past 3 years.



Well, why do they all support DREs?

I rest my case.



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Come to DC and watch the truth prevail.

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