Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My response to the fake Dems in this thread at DU

Wow, some serious swiftboating is going on right now at DU - Symbolman, Troubleinwinter, OnTheOtherHand (Mark Lindeman, Republican)...gee, where's David Allen?

Here's my response :)

1. David Allen and Neil B Forzod were not the same person, though they sure tag-teamed well together. Neil B Forzod was Robert Pelletier of Diebold, aka Therealrobp - who also posted at DU under names such as TinFoilHatProgrammer and NC Beach Girl.

2. Symbolman, are you also known as CompSysEngineer at the Yahoo Diebold board? Sure would explain what YOUR secret agenda is.

3. OnTheOtherhand, aka Mark Lindeman, who has ties to the right wing via Rick Brady - why do you spend so much time at DU? You're not even a Democrat...you're a right winger. I've often wondered if posting at DU is some sort of job for you - you spend all your time deflecting any and all questions regarding exit polls from 2004. At Kos, you suddenly popped in out of nowhere, not having posted for days and days, to defend NC Beach Girl (aka RobP of Diebold) and even now, you want people to believe that NC Beach Girl was some innocent person?

4. My research stands - David Allen had ties to Tom Flocco via Robert Mendenhall Jr, and Flocco is a right wing disinfo freak. Robert Pelletier is linked to a gang at DU that includes AnonymousArmy under various names, David Allen, BoredtoDeath, Symbolman, Troubleinwinter, and others.

You guys have fooled a lot of people. You do not fool me.



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