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Who is Boredtodeath at DU? Part 1 of a series

Who is the troll at DU known as Boredtodeath?

1. Roxanne Jekot, aka Vgebert at Daily Kos until Markos himself banned her and posted that she was in fact Vgebert, a claim she denied over and over…the same Roxanne Jekot who was working behind Bev Harris’ back the entire time she was webmaster for blackboxvoting.org, tried to out a confidential Diebold informant by impersonating an aide to the Lt. Governor of Georgia, and has now been revealed to be closely tied to Choicepoint?

7/12/04 - “First, understand that Bev doesn't have the baton. You see, she has nothing of value. The specialists who DO have the baton allowed her to use it because they thought she could move it forward. We misjudged. But, have no doubt, we've been working quietly and diligently in Bev's wake to move the baton forward without her for more than a year now.

2. Roxanne’s mysterious sister, who just happens to post exactly like Roxanne?

3. Diebold’s Robert Pelletier? He’s already been revealed as the leader of a covert disinformation campaign against Bev Harris, user (his wife might be part of this) of names such as Tinfoilhatprogrammer, NC Beach Girl, and Neil B Forzod at DU, Therealrobp and lalaneytrue at the Yahoo DBD board, and according to every post I can find, he stopped posting as Tinfoilhatprogrammer less than a week before the earliest post I can find from Boredtodeath. And Boredtodeath, according to every BBV-related thread I have located, disappeared for weeks on DU right around the 2004 election until late November – a period during which Robert Pelletier would certainly be busy as a programmer for Diebold.

4. AnonymousArmy? He certainly has a history of going after Bev under various names, and some Boredtodeath posts do not give off a “Roxanne scent” – leading me to believe that Bored might not be Roxanne.

Does it matter? Perhaps not, because regardless of who the freakish coward is, one thing is certain – it lies and lies and lies…

The Boredtodeath Dishonor Roll of Lies, Deception, Distortions, and Clues to Its Identity

7/12/04 - The last post I can find from Tinfoilhatprogrammer, aka Robert Pelletier of Diebold. Notice that it is signed “JC” – he signed all his posts “JC,” which we now know represented JC Van Camme, aka Therealrobp.

7/15/04 - The earliest post I have found from Boredtodeath

10/31/04 – Boredtodeath falsely attributes a quote from Rebecca Mercuri to Bev Harris, which calls on hackers to expose E-voting flaws:

“13. Yet, 3 months ago she was calling on hackers”

(Note – Bev Harris calls Bored out on its blatant distortion in the next post)

10/31/04 - Boredtodeath wants us to believe it is trying to do something good

“As for my efforts, I suggest you haven't a clue what I have done, nor what I intend to do. You see, I'm working to make a REAL difference and not playing publicity stunt like Ms. Harris does.

10/31/04 - The anonymous Boredtodeath waves the American flag to convince others it is good, and others are bad

“Some of us are doing this because we CARE - not because we are trying to sell a book/books (have no fear, Ms. Harris has announced her sequel). You see, we don't need hyperbolic bullshit and dire unproven warnings to do the hard work that needs to be done. We don't need public recognition to be good citizens and stand up for democracy. We do it because it's our civic responsibility. We do it because citizenship requires us to. We do it because it is our duty to protect the rights of those too young, too small, too frail to do it today. Some of us don't need lights and cameras. And you have no idea WHO we are or what we may have accomplished.”

(almost brings tears to my eyes)

11/1/04 - Repeating the lie about Bev calling on hackers

“She's called for the hacking of an election in multiple venues, including right here on DU.”

After this short burst of posts, Boredtodeath literally disappears from DU for weeks – through the 2004 election, the Bev Harris-Keith O thing…nowhere to be found. Evidence like this leads me to believe Bored is Robert Pelletier or one of his partners, but I cannot be certain.

12/4/04 - After seemingly disappearing for over a month, Boredtodeath re-appears finally in this long thread about the banning of Bev Harris at DU.

This post the next day by Bored is rather important, because it looks very similar to posts by lalaneytrue at the Yahoo DBD board:

“It was Bev Harris who used DU to pillory and accuse all who dared to question her methods and madness.

It was Bev Harris who used DU to air dirty laundry and make wild, unfounded accusations against anyone who dared to question her.

It was Bev Harris who made DU her personal slander mill to publicly demean this movement and the people active in it.

It was Bev Harris who used DU to fundraise and steal from people who truly wanted to believe her hyperbole and lies.

It was Bev Harris who consistently and constantly came to DU to attack her supposed enemies, including John Kerry and Keith Olbermann…”

(note the blatant lie about Bev and John Kerry)

12/15/04 - Boredtodeath does not sound like “an injured party” (Roxanne) in this post full of lies:

“There were and still are dedicated activists fighting this issue tooth and nail.

Those activists were on this issue before Bev Harris came along. What Bev Harris did was take their work, put it in a book, and slap her name on it. She STOLE their work. From the very beginning…She STOLE the work of many and made herself the public figure with the fruits of their labor…Those people are still working on this issue.

The only problem I see is that Bev Harris has been cut off from the scientific work and has nothing left but hyperbole and spin. She has no facts. She's useless to this issue and she chose that path, not the people who are, to this day, working their asses off to save our democracy.”

(note – the last paragraph does sound like Roxanne, similar to Roxanne’s posting at Bartcop linked above in the beginning of this research paper, where Roxanne says Bev doesn’t have the baton, etc.)

(Please also note that contrary to Bored’s claim, Bev Harris remains a big part of the issue, and her organization is responsible for many breakthroughs the past 2 years.)

To be continued.



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