Monday, July 03, 2006

Hope is on the way! Unredacted Harri Hursti Report II is Released!

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The first of a series...

I'm John Dean, from Santa Ana, CA.  For a brief period of time, I served as a volunteer research assistant for  I assisted in research that irrefutably proves Robert Pelletier of Diebold is conducting a covert internet campaign to harass and malign various folks involved in BBV research, especially Bev Harris.  Now that the research has been published, I have resumed my independent campaign to stop trolls and disinformation, while Bev Harris has turned the results of our investigation over to her lawyers.

Perhaps Independence Day has come early - has just released the unredacted version of the Harri Hursti Report II.

Please join me on the flip side.

Contrary to David Allen's ridiculous assertion - "There you have it folks, Bev Harris recycling something known about for three years." the original, redacted-version of the Hursti Report II had been hailed in the NY Times for exposing the "most severe security flaw ever discovered in a voting system."

And now, on this glorious holiday weekend, Bev Harris has served notice to those who refuse to do anything about the machines that can cheat, by releasing the unredacted version, including TSX source code and lots of photographs.

When the redacted-version of the Hursti Report II was released back In May, Diebold's Robert Pelletier and various other entities misled others about the importance of the report, and origination of the discoveries.  When released the expose' on Robert Pelletier, these same entities attempted to cast doubt on the expose'.

Diebold's Robert Pelletier, aka JC van Camme, therealrobp, Tinfoilhatprogrammer, NC Beach Girl, probably Neil B Forzod, omega_rob, probably lalaneytrue, yada yada yada, has been exposed as the owner of  If you visit his site, always keep that in mind.  When you see others refer people to his site, find out why.

I know why.  A simple Google search can open doors quickly, for those interested in more right now.  And for those who want to defend Bev's fired, former publisher, just go here and ask yourself why this man is chumming it up so much with Anonymousarmy aka Andyscam, the entity that hounded Andy Stephenson last year.

Stay tuned for more fireworks!



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