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Boredtodeath revealed? Part 2 in my series

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that a lot of good people looking into all of this believe that Robert Pelletier could be AnonymousArmy. Stay tuned I guess!

I’d like to begin this second part in my series on Boredtodeath, the troll from hell who just keeps lying and lying and lying, by quoting part of a post from Diebold’s Robert Pelletier (or his wife Aimee) as NC Beach Girl on DU. The reason for opening with this quote is simple – I want people take a good look at the kind of bullshit Diebold personnel put out on DU to fool others, and learn from it…

“What is Bev doing now that is so helpful for voting? I actually came to DU from BBV after realizing she wasn't doing anything! The more I read the BBV site, the more disturbed I was by this woman. Yes, I DONATED TO HER when Randi Rhodes sent out the plea. Yes, I OFFERED TO HELP HER like several people on her site after those first days of heavy publicity she got, she ignored it and continued to run her organization into the ground.”

(does anyone really believe that the Pelletier family donated to Bev’s organization, and offered to help her?…..Bwahahahaha lol)

Now the DU trolls might try to cast doubt on NC Beach Girl’s real identity…and that action alone should make them highly suspect. For those who don’t have time to wade through all of Robert and Aimee Pelletier’s journal comments, photos, etc., here’s an easy-to-understand “nail in the coffin”…


1) Google and Yahoo on the phrase “You had me at folks” – and you’ll notice only one actual hit comes up…to this post from NC Beach Girl:

“you had me at "folks” bwahahahaha so transparent!”

(wow, sounds like Boredtodeath!)

2) Therealrobp showed up at the Yahoo Diebold board for the very first time on 8/11/04. For those who do not know, RobP’s friend “laney”was one of 3 original members of he and his wife’s website…thus, “lalaneytrue” was born, and this troll (either RobP or his wife most likely) posted for the first time at the Diebold board only 4 posts after Therealrobp showed up, with a memorable post, ”Andy the Super Spy.

3) Now look closely at this other post by lalaneytrueand you’ll find the only other use of the phrase “You had me at folks” in all of cyberspace. Out of millions and zillions of folks, the only entities to ever use this phrase are NC Beach Girl (and RobP’s wife is “the beach girl” from Wilmington, NC, David Allen’s state) and lalaneytrue, who just so happens to show up right after RobP and blasts Andy Stephenson, just like RobP.

So NC Beach Girl is either Robert Pelletier or his wife Aimee, and lalaneytrue is also either Robert Pelletier or his wife Aimee…and amazingly, both of them talk just like Boredtodeath, and Roxanne Jekot. It’s all so “Bwahahahaha.”

Now on with part two in my series…

12/22/04 - Bored wants everyone to believe it’s a liberal, and implies that Carl Brennan, who knew something was very wrong, had ulterior motives…

“Well, sir, I'm no plant, not a freeper, nor a conservative. I'm a bonafide liberal who has watched Bev Harris disgrace the word activist for 2 years. A liberal who has seen this woman demean and publicly libel good, hardworking human beings because they might get in the way of her rush to the almighty dollar. I find Bev Harris' behavior disgusting. And I find it telling that YOU don't. It says a great deal about YOU.”

12/22/04 - Boredtodeath repeats the lie that Bev Harris took credit for other people’s work - one look at the acknowledgements in final chapter of Bev’s book puts this bullshit to bed…

“She took credit for other people's work for the silver coins of Qui Tam. And then proudly trumpted doing so.”

12/23/04 – Bored shows some hostility towards Andy Stephenson’s panhandling on DU in this post.

12/23/04 – In this next series of posts, Boredtodeath is asking Andy a lot of questions – many of them I would think Roxanne Jekot would already know the answer to. The questions are clearly an attempt to get whatever dirt Bored can get on Bev Harris, and make me believe more than ever that Bored is Robert Pelletier:

Here, here, and here. Note the extreme coldness in Bored’s tone – Roxanne knew Andy, worked with Andy, and would naturally exhibit a “closer, more personal” style than Bored displays in these three posts:

“First, please accept my condolences for the loss of your sister. Even a long illness doesn't allow us to prepare for the loss in our hearts. Be good to yourself and allow yourself to grieve.“ CONTRAST THIS WITH ANONYMOUS ARMY’S POST TO ANDY IN THE DU PANIC ROOM LESS THAN 10 MINUTES LATER – “Andy you are doing the right thing…Bev needs to be brought down to earth and you are probable the best one to do it. Stay strong (sleep and food are best). Please use the email address above to let me know how I can help and stay in touch.”

is Boredtodeath = Robert Pelletier = AnonymousArmy? It explains everything. It explains why David Allen’s name was on the original registration (and misspelled) for scamdy.com. It explains the whole purpose to scamdy.com – tear Andy to shreds, yet at the same time lift him up as some kind of invincible shield to be used against Bev Harris – using shit like “Bev killed Andy!” and “Bev was working with FrankSolich and the Freepers!” when in fact David Allen accused Bev Harris of being behind the campaign against Andy on May 12th 2005, BEFORE FrankSolich posted Bev’s interview email at Free Republic on May 15th 2005…and David also immediately accused Bev of being behind scamdy.com with his famous “J’accuse Bev Harris” thread when scamdy.com was “discovered.”

So is Boredtodeath = Robert Pelletier = AnonymousArmy? Robert is from Toronto…he lived there before moving to Surrey, BC (Diebold city), sets himself up so that he can post as AA whenever he wants to give off a Toronto IP and make it look like he is from Toronto.

I have the same feeling I had when a small group of us nailed Robert Pelletier as the owner of www.blackboxwatchdog.com. But we need to look further in part three.



Blogger John said...

This is SluggoJD, owner of this now-closed site with an update.

Boredtodeath was, in fact, Roxanne Jekot. Clearly, Bored posted a lot of Robert Pelletier (Diebold) style crap, but Bored wasn't him.


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