Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ok, let's get this blog moving finally

My name is John Dean, from Santa Ana, CA. I created this blog over a year ago, but since I'm not really into blogging, it languished after a single post, which I have deleted.

However, the time has come to do this on a regular basis - soon, will be delivering some explosive new goods on Diebold, and as an independent researcher who cares deeply about the subject of BBV, I'm highly motivated to do whatever I can to bring truth out into the open. I do not work for, and I do not receive any kind of benefit from them - I'm a solo act and a loose cannon lol, working a normal job during the day, and investigating disinformation and election fraud issues at night.

My previous, independent efforts to do something about this often-anonymous campaign can be seen here at Daily Kos.

Speaking of anonymity, it's one thing to surf the net anonymously...and another thing to post a bunch of lies anonymously in order to cause damage to another person, or an important cause, like doing something about the machines that count our votes.

For now on, that will be my guiding principle, and those who engage in such practices will be outed.


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