Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Exit Poll Debunking Tied to Right-Wing Fundie?

(Kathy Dopp, this one's for you.)

Febble - well-known exit poll debunker

The folks at Daily Kos know her...

EXIT POLLS "all over estimated the Democratic vote"

"Exit polls again: the mystery of the wandering WPE"

The good folks at DU certainly know her...

"A few corrections on the above Febble-isms"

"Junk Logic? Febble, you are getting very nervous, aren't you?"

And now it's time to find out what you don't know.

Febble's exit poll debunking tied directly to right-wing fundie influence?

There was a time when Febble looked like a Democrat...she spoke out about the depression of Democratic voters in Ohio...she posted, essentially, that it was possible that Bush didn't really win the election...but then it looks like something changed, as she began to debunk exit polls that clearly showed a Kerry victory in 2004.

Now I know you guys have heard of the Mystery Pollster, and I know that Kathy Dopp has heard of Mark Lindeman, aka HudsonValleyMark at Daily Kos - but it's Rick Brady who I'd like to talk about today, the same Rick Brady about whom Febble had this to say on December 23rd, 2004:

"Mystery Pollster cites Rick Brady who contacted Warren Mitofsky, of Mitofsky International, and obtained values of between 50% and 80% for the design effect."

By the way, don't forget that name HudsonValleyMark - we'll come back to him one of these days.

Rick Brady revealed - perhaps anonymity does have it's advantages?

So who is this Rick Brady guy, who the Mystery Pollster gave so much credence to, the same Rick Brady that Febble posted this about?

"my collaborators (Rick Brady has also been working with us) and I are..."

Well, thanks to Rick's Kos profile, we've got a most-excellent place to begin our little adventure, and don't forget to check out his fellow posters - http://stonescryout.org.

1. Looks like he's a planning consultant - I'm sure that prepares one well for solving the mysteries of exit polls - but all humor aside, perhaps it does help out when planning a debunking operation.

2. "In 2001, Rick attended the Horizon School of Evangelism" and "he enjoys leading worship for his home fellowship."

Fellowship - the word just stands out like a sore thumb. Let's look further!

3. On the left side of the page are all sorts of links to interesting right-wing sites and blogs, like NRO, and Weekly Standard, and hey...there's even Captain's Quarters there!

4. But the really cool thing is that Rick mentions an older version of the site, not-so-long ago...

5. At the older site on the right-hand side, we find links to the Washington Times, Drudge Report, Mystery Pollster, Red State, and then we scroll down to this:

Midnight Heartburn

Andrew Sullivan
Joshua Micah Marshall
Talk Left

Wow, I wonder what Markos would think of Rick Brady if he knew that his site was considered unpleasant to one's stomach!

But to be fair, I still haven't proven my case, so let's look even deeper...

6. 1/31/05 - "Our troops have been marching with the Iraqi people towards this day since March 2003...Bush's victory, declared today, is the world's victory...we are living in historic times..."

7. 1/29/05 - "It's a glorious morning. The news from Iraq is better than I think anyone, even the Bush administration, expected...Both Russert and Senator Kerry still don't get it...Iraqis get it... Their neighbors are getting it...When will the left get it?"

8. 12/28/04 - "The Dems are obviously desperate. How petty would the Dems be if they really go through with procedural sabotage? On the campaign trail, John Kerry...isn't it fitting that he and the Dems in the Senate are threatening to become a nuisance. Shoo fly, don't bother me!"

9. 12/22/04 - a long-winded post in support of Bush's plans for Social Security.

10. Also on 12/22/04 - "I am also an activist for the Republican Party because I believe the values of the Party are closest to my family's values."

I'd like to repeat that last one..."I am also an activist for the Republican Party because I believe the values of the Party are closest to my family's values."

Like tax cuts for the rich, massive deficit spending to create the illusion of a decent economy, wars based on a stack of lies and false evidence, cake for the victims of Katrina, illegal wiretaps, yada yada yada?

I wonder if all those Kos folks who supported Rick, Febble, and HudsonValleyMark so aggresively at Daily Kos, like DHinMI, DemFromCT, Timroff, and Lefty Mama, would be so willing to support them after learning that Rick is a Republican activist?

So is Rick Brady a fundie? A member of "The Fellowship?"

Or is he just a right-wing Republican activist who just happened to be warmly greeted at Daily Kos, and just happened to partner with other individuals in search of the perfect formula for debunking the absurd notion that Kerry might have actually won the 2004 election?

Perhaps a kind reader can move this research forward.

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ok, let's get this blog moving finally

My name is John Dean, from Santa Ana, CA. I created this blog over a year ago, but since I'm not really into blogging, it languished after a single post, which I have deleted.

However, the time has come to do this on a regular basis - soon, blackboxvoting.org will be delivering some explosive new goods on Diebold, and as an independent researcher who cares deeply about the subject of BBV, I'm highly motivated to do whatever I can to bring truth out into the open. I do not work for blackboxvoting.org, and I do not receive any kind of benefit from them - I'm a solo act and a loose cannon lol, working a normal job during the day, and investigating disinformation and election fraud issues at night.

My previous, independent efforts to do something about this often-anonymous campaign can be seen here at Daily Kos.

Speaking of anonymity, it's one thing to surf the net anonymously...and another thing to post a bunch of lies anonymously in order to cause damage to another person, or an important cause, like doing something about the machines that count our votes.

For now on, that will be my guiding principle, and those who engage in such practices will be outed.